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Gatekeepers of Valhalla – Tapestry


Transport yourself to the epic realm of Norse mythology and warrior spirits with the “Gate Keepers of Valhalla” tapestry. This awe-inspiring tapestry captures the essence of Valhalla, the legendary hall of fallen heroes, and pays homage to the fierce guardians who protect its sacred entrance. With its powerful imagery and rich symbolism, this tapestry serves as a gateway to the ancient Viking world, infusing your space with strength, valor, and a sense of adventure.

Hang this tapestry in your home, game room, or any space where you seek inspiration and a connection to ancient legends. Let the Gate Keepers of Valhalla ignite your imagination, reminding you of the warrior spirit within. Whether you are a fan of Norse mythology, a history enthusiast, or simply drawn to the power and mystique of the Viking era, this tapestry will transport you to a realm of adventure and valor

Sold Out!

Category :

? Huge sized wall hanging 60×80 inches (queen bedsheet size )

?Ltd edition of only 4 pieces made

?Superior quality sublimation print on durable and fade resistant fabric

?Comes with loops on the corners for easy hanging

? Easy machine washable


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