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At Soul Circus, we have curated a haven where wonder and creativity converge. Our shop is a sanctuary for dreamers, adventurers, and those seeking a touch of whimsy in their lives. From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll be transported to a realm where the extraordinary becomes ordinary, and the mundane is left far behind.

Our design philosophy is rooted within an unrestricted expression of creative energy – expect sharp geometries shrugged together with mesmerizing prints, trans-seasonal styles, indulgent fits. 

Soul Circus is more than just a shop; it’s a gathering place for kindred spirits. We invite you to embrace the spirit of community and connection as you embark on this magical journey, and forge new friendships with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for all things extraordinary.

Whether you are seeking an escape from reality, a gift to ignite someone’s imagination, or simply a place to revel in the magic of the world, Soul Circus is the destination for you.

Step right up and let the adventure begin at Soul Circus, where every day is a celebration of the extraordinary!

Over the years, we’ve evolved from a music project to an art collective to a fully fledged design house that sources avant-garde, mind-bending ideas from artists around the world to create unique music-festival clothing and Psychedelic street wear.



We take pride in being the exclusive partner for leading Psytrance Artists and Record Labels


Supporting Artists

Our apparel showcases authentic custom artwork, crafted by talented artists from all around the world


Premium Quality

Explore a world of vibrant expression with our eclectic collection of psychedelic clothing & festival apparel.

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